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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty in physical appearance? Perhaps there is much more to it. Why does Beauty draw us? How is Beauty related to Christian living? Not a beauty treatment session to promote beauty products to beautiful people. Rather, a session you may like to consider attending if you are Imagining Beauty.

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Acoustic Guitar Workshop

Here is something for beginners who wants to learn more in playing the guitar for spiritual worship.

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Received an email notification about a program that you might like to attend.

Once again, we have asked Dr Amy Daniel to expertly put together her expertise in Psychology, Counselling and Theology to present a three part course:

Emotions and the Christian Vocation

A three session course which will focus on the following:

• The Christian Vocation: Love in Action = Empathy & Compassion
• Learning from the Emotionally Intelligent Jesus
• Maximizing Positive Emotions: Hope, Optimism, Enthusiasm, Passion
• Managing Negative Emotions: Fear/Anxiety, Sadness and Depression
• Can a Christian get angry? Didn’t Jesus get angry?

Dr. Amy Daniel is a lay woman with degrees in psychology and counselling from Australia and a Ph.D. in Pastoral Theology from Louvain, Belgium. She is a free lance psychotherapist, corporate trainer and adjunct lecturer with SIM University. She is also Family Life Ambassador and Work-Life Consultant with MCYS as well as volunteer counsellor with the Singapore After-Care Association. She was formerly Student Counsellor at the National University of Singapore.

Dates: 10, 17 & 24 July 2008 (Thursdays)
Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Venue: CANA The Catholic Centre, 55 Waterloo Street, 2nd Floor, Singapore 187954.
Contribution: $60
Email : cana@catholiccentre.com.sg

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Homosexuality forum

Disseminating an email broadcast from CANA The Catholic Centre who is organising a four-session forum on the topic of “Homosexuality”.

* Ten percent of the population in Singapore is homosexual.
* Homosexuals are born that way, not made. They cannot change.
* A homosexual marriage is just like a regular marriage, so homosexual couples deserve equal rights.
* There is nothing wrong with two homosexual parents raising a child.

How true are these statements? Would you know how to respond to them if a Christian said these to you? Probably. But how would you respond to such statements in a secular setting? Are you able to distinguish between truth and propaganda? How would you apply the Church’s teachings on same-sex attraction in the secular world, or in your own personal conversations with friends?

To help you learn the truth and use it in the world, CANA is organizing a four-part forum in May titled “A Christian Response to Same-Sex Attraction”.

The four sessions are:

1. Homosexuality: A Christian Response
Date: Thur 8th May 2008
Time: 7.15pm

Leslie, a former transsexual will share the story of how he came to realize that homosexual acts are a dead end and how he found real happiness. Brother Michael Broughton, a religious educator, will share the “Do’s and Dont’s When Speaking To Persons With Homosexual Inclinations”.

2. What’s Wrong With Homosexual Acts? Part I: Viewpoints from Psychology and Societal Implications
Date: Thu 15th May 2008
Time: 7.15pm

Centre of Ignatian Spirituality and Counselling Director, Father Paul Lian-Kok Goh, SJ will share his viewpoint on what’s wrong with homosexual acts from his background in psychology respectively, while Mr Thomas Aqbal, an Advocate and Solicitor will explore the societal implications. Also invited is Mr Alex Au a.k.a. Yawning Bread, as he is known on the Internet. Mr Au is a founding member of Singapore’s main gay equality lobby group “People Like Us 3”.

3. What’s Wrong With Homosexual Acts? Part II: Viewpoints from Medicine and Moral Implications
Date: Thu 22nd May 2008
Time: 7.15pm

Moral theologian Father David Garcia, OP will share his viewpoint on what’s wrong with homosexual acts morally while Dr John Hui, Immediate Past Master of the Catholic Medical Guild of Singapore shares his viewpoints from his background in medicine.

4. SSA and Hope: Resources, Support Groups, and Counselling
Date: Thu 29th May 2008
Time: 7.15pm

Family Life Society Therapist Catherine Tyrer will explain “What Is Counselling All About?” where she will walk participants through what takes place during a counselling session with a person with same-sex attraction. Avenues for support and resources available will also be shared.

All sessions will be held at CANA – The Catholic Centre, (55 Waterloo Street, 2nd level). Please register by email at cana@catholiccentre.com.sg. The forum is free of charge.

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For All Who Care

In my post on Gawad Kalinga dated 27th Nov 2007, a group of children from the Philippines came to Singapore to share their wonderful voices of praise. Once again, their founder will be in Singapore to give a presentation of their humble works of charity to share will everyone. Here’s the email I received from Cana The Catholic Centre describing more about the coming talks.

Hi All,
More goodies to come …. Many of you were at CANA to listen to the voices of the GAWAD KALINGA children in November. Next month, founder of Gawad Kalinga will be in Singapore with Bebet Gozun and Paolo Domondon (read about them in attached). So here is a great opportunity to meet all three of them – in close and far proximity – i.e at talks and if you like, personally with perhaps a focus group.

Basically, there will be talks on 8th May, in the afternoon at the CJC and at night at the SMU.

On the 9th, Tony Meloto, Bebet and Paolo will be available to meet focus groups or those interested in humanitarian issues, environmental issues and all that can make our world a better place for all. So dont miss this opportunity. Alot to say about these people and their works, so suggest you look at the attached and also google for more info.

Attachment: Building The Heart Of A Nation

So ….
– let me know if you would like to attend any of the talks;
– let me know if you would like to meet them on 9th May.

and please, spread the word round to those you think might be interested.

Tel: 63364815 / 63364467
Email: caca@catholiccentre.com.sg

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The What Matters!

Highlighting an email notice I received from SPI describing about “The What Matters!” session that centres on the topic of sexual maturity. Below are the details of the session.

Dear Coordinators,
I know this is short notice, but some of your folks in the parish may be interested in this session conducted by Br Collin Wee. It would be more pertinent for your pre-con, & youth people – please inform them accordingly. Thanks!

Singapore Pastoral Institute
DID: 65-68587015
FAX: 65-68582011

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“Alpha in the City” will begin its 5th running at CANA The Catholic Centre. An opportunity for those who would like to know about the Christian faith. All are welcome. Click on the ads below to enlarge to view the details.

alpha-5-in-the-city-cn-ad.jpg alpha-5-flyer-in-jpg-format.jpg

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Alpha in the City


“Alpha in the City” will begin its fifth programme on 26th Feb 2008 at CANA The Catholic Centre. Given its location at the central business district and in the vincinity of downtown Singapore, it provides easy access for those who may like to consider attending this programme after work. Here’s more details for your consideration. Alpha 5 Invitation & Registration form

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Christian unity

A message from Cana

Wishing you all PEACE in the new year 2008 from all @ CANA. It is on this note of PEACE that CANA wishes to start the year, starting within the Christian Family. 2008 marks the 100th anniversary of the Church Unity Octave, dedicating prayer for Christian Unity. As a pre-cursor to this week of Prayer, CANA invites you to:

“Do all you can to preserve the unity of the Spirit by the Peace that binds you together.” Ephesians 4:3-6

It is no secret that we are not one. Will we ever be one? What exactly are we praying for? CANA invites Fr Frans de Ridder to look at the history of our broken-ness and how we can realistically move on to unity.

Date: Tue 8th Jan 2008
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: CANA The Catholic Centre, 55 Waterloo Street, 2nd Floor
All are welcome but please register.
Email: cana@catholiccentre.com.sg

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An email broadcast from CANA The Catholic Centre which I am posting for your information.

Hi All,
Our Christmas sale is (sort of) done, or not. We are being offered new stuff so it’s hard to say we’re done; so for those still looking for gifts, please do come by. We would like particularly to highlight two gifts – one for you, and one for the children.

pilgrims.jpg The first – please do open the attachment entitled ‘PILGRIMS’. It is a beautiful book taking in the journey of Dr Tan Lai Yong in his 12 year journey as doctor, teacher, humanitarian and Christian. The stories and reflection on the Psalms coupled with the superb photography and design of the book make this an ideal and meaningful gift. It looks ‘classy’ and the content is superb – ” Be My Guest in the House that you Built” struck me …. you have to read the rest for yourself. Proceeds from sale of this book will go towards supporting HealthServe Community Clinic which is dedicated to serving the sex worker and migrant construction worrker communities in the area. So, please have a look at PILGRIMS. This book will normally sell at $30 but the price this season is $25.

The second – please look below. The TEN COMMANDMENTS is currently showing at Cathay Cinema and this is the movie book. Colourful animation and will definitely be a meaningful gift this Christmas – a good story to tell to lead up to the story of the Nativity. Retail price is $23 excluding GST. We are offering it at $20 for this period. (I see that the pic will not appear on the email so am attaching the file as well). Ten Commandments

So … if you are still looking for Christmas gifts …. please do consider these.

And may I add one more that just came in – splashes of colour – we have brought in more shawls from Cambodia (cotton small $14, big $20 and silk $40) for you – such beautiful colours – you will want them all!

So, if you havent yet visited CANA – please do.

peace to you,

CANA The Catholic Centre
55 Waterloo Street
Singapore 187954
Tel : 63364815 / 63364467
Email : cana@catholiccentre.com.sg
Website: http://www.catholic.org.sg/cana/cana

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