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Who is Jesus?

I was with some friends yesterday and the topic of discussion was “Who is Jesus?” A question often posed but somehow do not seem to have a complete satisfactory answer. So who really is this person called Jesus?

Some of us played “devil’s advocate” challenging the authenticity of Jesus while the rest tried to come up with sound explanations supporting what we believe who Jesus really was.

Was Jesus a mere human being claiming to be God? Perhaps he was pretending to be God. Is this claim true or false? Was he an imposter?

Maybe Jesus was a messenger from God. A prophet sent by God. One who prophesied what’s to come and become of us. Even in today’s world, there are news of certain people claiming to be prophets fortelling what is going to happen to us and to the world.

For those who do not know Jesus, he is a nobody. To others, he was a prophet. To the believers, he is Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God.

So, who is Jesus to you? A question that we so earnestly try to find the right answers to explain to others when asked.

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“Alpha in the City” will begin its 5th running at CANA The Catholic Centre. An opportunity for those who would like to know about the Christian faith. All are welcome. Click on the ads below to enlarge to view the details.

alpha-5-in-the-city-cn-ad.jpg alpha-5-flyer-in-jpg-format.jpg

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Alpha in the City


“Alpha in the City” will begin its fifth programme on 26th Feb 2008 at CANA The Catholic Centre. Given its location at the central business district and in the vincinity of downtown Singapore, it provides easy access for those who may like to consider attending this programme after work. Here’s more details for your consideration. Alpha 5 Invitation & Registration form

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Once again, Alpha In The City started on her fourth journey held yesterday 7th Aug 2007 at Cana, The Catholic Centre. It was heartwarming to see the presence of many familiar faces who will be embarking on this special journey with the participants for the coming 10 weeks of this program. Being the first session called the `Intro Nite’, the guests were treated to a warm and sumptious dinner in a relax and friendly atmosphere. Dinner was served and friendship among strangers were fostered. Once the hungry tummys have been satisfied, the guests settled into a relax environment. Wen Siew, our emcee, gave a welcome brief. It was followed by Janet who gave a description about the role of Cana – namely a place where friendships are built, a place to relax and rejuvenate your spirituality. As the place is aptly named `Cana’ – where Jesus performed the first miracle of transforming water to wine, we hope people who come to Cana would also find some transformation in their spirituality when they leave the doors of Cana. Elizabeth and Lam, who were guests from the previous Alpha program, gave an insight of their personal Alpha journey. Exercising the vocal chords was next in line. The choir, who have been rehearsing on many occasions, led the guests in the singing. It was followed by a video presentation of Nicky Gumbel who spoke about `what is the meaning of life’. I have made many friends from the previous Alpha program as well as in Cana. More so, to see the many transformations that came about from the graces of God, touching the lives of these wonderful people who are ever so willing to share it with everyone. And to those unseen and unsung helpers who have tirelessly plan the preparations and logistics for every Alpha evenings (ever wondered how the tables & chairs can be miraclously arranged?), a BIG THANK YOU to you. I’m sure your sincere efforts have not gone unnoticed.

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